Desiree Woehrle, LCSW - Therapy in Brooklyn, NY
Desiree Woehrle, LCSW - Therapy in Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn therapist specializing in adults experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties and life transitions.

Welcome to the practice of:

Desiree Woehrle, LCSW

Helping overwhelmed adults and emerging-adults challenge negative thinking and take better care of themselves so they can build happier lives personally, professionally and creatively.



Is anxiety hijacking your life? Does it seem like everyone else is handling stress better than you are? Have you been in a rut so long that you’re not quite sure where to start? Let’s fix that! Learn to overcome overwhelm and heal emotional wounds so you can become the ideal version of yourself, living life with purpose. Some of the individuals I have worked with have described their progress as, “feeling happy and calm for the first time.” You deserve to feel strong and empowered!

My approach:

I am a licensed Psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of experience in mental health counseling, certified in a variety of therapeutic techniques which we will use to tackle your unique challenges in a way that feels authentic for you. The optimal goal will be holistic wellness achieved through self-compassion and gently confronting unhelpful patterns. I have worked through this myself and one of the best things to come out of it is that I can now help others do the same.